The 7th APBF Congress - Open to Players from throughout the world!

The Japan Contract Bridge League is pleased to announce that the 7th APBF Congress which will be held in Fukuoka from August 25th to September 2nd, 2012 has been designated as an event open to players from all WBF zones. It will be our great pleasure to welcome our friends from all over the world to Fukuoka, a historic and international city on Kyushu island in the summer of 2012!

Fukuoka has become Japan's Asian gateway, and is linked to Asian cities by numerous direct flights and to Busan, Korea, by ferry. Also, as the hub city of Kyushu, Fukuoka has easy access to all major cities in Japan via domestic airlines and railways.

The venue of the 2012 Congress will be the Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk, a hotel well known as the largest convention and resort hotel in Western Japan. We believe that all participants will feel at home in the relaxing atmosphere of the venue and the warm welcome from the people of Fukuoka.

Further information on this event will be uploaded on this website as soon as it becomes available. Please keep your eye on this site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2012 APBF Congress.

Japan Contract Bridge League
2012 APBF Congress Organizing Committee

Venue & Access

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

Address: 2-2-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 810-8650
Tel :  81-92-844-8111    Fax :  81-92-844-7887

The Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk is located in the city of Fukuoka, on Hakata bay, just 20 minutes drive from Fukuoka International Airport or downtown Fukuoka.
The venue is on the 1st floor.

For further information about the venue, please access its website.
Click here for more information about access to the venue.

◆ Complimentary Shuttle Bus Service

We will provide free shuttle bus service for the participants on August 24th (Fri), 26th (Sun), and September 3rd (Mon) as follows:
*The bus directly goes to the Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk Hotel. If you are staying in central Fukuoka (Hakata, Tenjin, Nakasu, etc), a taxi or the subway is more convenient.

●August 24th (Friday) / 26th (Sunday)

Route From: Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Building*
To: Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk
Timetable 9:00 / 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:30 / 14:00 / 15:30 / 17:00 / 18:30 / 20:00

*Bus Station for the reserved / chartered busses is located on the right side of the International Terminal Building Exit on the 1st Floor. Please take the bus with the "THE 7TH ASIA PACIFIC BRIDGE CONGRESS FUKUOKA 2012" sign.

Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Building 1st Floor (Arrival Floor)

●September 3rd (Monday)

Route From: Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk*
To: Fukuoka Airport International Terminal Building
Timetable 7:00 / 8:00 / 9:00 / 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 13:00

*Bus Station is on the 1st Floor.

・There is Free Shuttle Bus service connecting between Domestic and International Terminals in the Fukuoka Airport.
・The service may be cancelled, if there are no passengers at the scheduled departure time.
・Times are subject to change depending on traffic and weather related conditions.


◆ The APBF Team Championships will be held in four series, as follows.
・Open series
・Women's series
・Senior series (for players born on or before December 31st 1952)
・Youth (U26) series (for players born on or after January 1st 1987)
◆ Bridge players from all WBF zones are entitled to participate, provided they are members in good standing of their
◆ All events are TRANSNATIONAL and there are no restrictions on the number of entries per NBO.

Provisional Program

The precise time schedule is here.

  APBF Congress Championships Side-Games
8/24 (Fri) 19:00- APBF Delegates' Meeting (1)    
8/25 (Sat) 10:00-10:30  Captains' Meeting    
10:30-11:00 APBF Delegates' Meeting (2)    
12:00-13:00  Opening Ceremony &
Welcome Reception
14:30-22:00 APBF Open Pairs (Q1/Q2) 14:30-17:30 Kawabe Cup(mini-Bridge) 
8/26 (Sun) 10:00-17:30 APBF Open Pairs (F1/F2) 10:00-13:00  Beginners Cup (△50MP/△20MP) 
10:00-17:30 Open Pairs (Consolation) 14:30-17:30  Beginners Cup (△50MP/△20MP)  
8/27 (Mon) 10:00-19:00 APBF Teams Qualifying (RR) 10:00-17:30 Stratified Pairs Sectional
(Open / △1000MP)
8/28 (Tue) 10:00-19:00 APBF Teams Qualifying (RR) 10:00-17:30  Stratified Pairs Sectional
(Open / △300MP)
8/29 (Wed) 10:00-19:00 APBF Teams Qualifying (RR) 10:00-17:30 Even Chance Team Sectional
8/30 (Thu) 10:00-19:00 APBF Teams Qualifying (RR) 10:00-17:30 Fukuoka Team Regional
(Nintendo 3DS & Wii Cup) (Q1/Q2)
8/31 (Fri) 10:00-19:00 APBF Teams Qualifying (RR) 10:00-17:30 Fukuoka Team Regional
(Nintendo 3DS & Wii Cup) (F1/F2)
10:00-17:30 Stratified Pairs [Open/△1000MP]
9/ 1 (Sat)   9:00-20:00 APBF Teams Semi-Finals (KO) 10:00-17:30 Fukuoka Mayor's Cup (Q1/Q2)
[ Open Teams ]
10:00-17:30 Stratified Pairs Sectional
(△100MP / △20MP)
9/ 2 (Sun)    9:00-17:30 APBF Teams Final (KO) 10:00-17:30 Fukuoka Mayor's Cup (F1/F2)
[ Open Teams ]
10:00-17:30 Television Nishinippon Cup
[ Open Pairs ]
10:00-17:30 Team Sectional (△100MP)
19:00-22:00 Victory Banquet & Awards Ceremony    

Entry - Registration

Please complete the following Entry Form and submit it to JCBL via e-mail or fax.

e-mail :
FAX : +81(Japan country code) -3-3357-7444

(DL)  Entry Form (Word)
(DL)  Entry Form (PDF)

Entry Form to be sent back no later than 30 June, 2012.


Click here for Hotel Reservations

Entry Fees

◆APBF Congress Championships

8/27~9/2 APBF Teams  
Open/ Women/Senior US$1000 / team
Youth US$ 200 / team
8/25 & 8/26 APBF Open Pairs US$ 120 / pair
*Non-qualifiers can play the Consolation Pairs (8/26) for free.
8/26 Consolation Open Pairs US$  60 / pair


8/29 Even Chance Team Sectional US$  50 / pair
(pair entry)
8/30 & 8/31 Fukuoka Team Regional (Nintendo 3DS & Wii Cup)
(Open/△1000MP Teams)
US$ 240 / team
*2 Qualifying Sessions 2 Final Sessions
*Non-qualifiers can play the Stratified Pairs (8/31) for free
9/1 & 9/2 FUKUOKA Mayor's Cup (Open teams) US$ 240 / team
*2 Qualifying Sessions 2 Final Sessions
*Non-qualifiers can play the TV Nishinippon Cup (9/2) for free
9/2 Team Sectional (△100MP) US$ 100 / team
8/26 Beginners Cup (△50MP/△20MP) US$  30 / pair
8/27 Stratified Pairs(Open / △1000) US$  50 / pair
8/28 Stratified Pairs(Open / △1000) US$  50 / pair
8/31 Stratified Pairs(Open / △1000) US$  60 / pair
9/1 Stratified Pairs(△100MP / △20MP) US$  50 / pair
9/2 TV Nishinippon Cup (Open Pairs) US$  60 / pair
Youth players to participate in the APBF Teams can play the side-games for free! (Click here for details)

Conditions of Contest

Systems allowed at APBF Teams and APBF Open Pairs : WBF Systems Policy category 3.
Convention cards do not need to be submitted in advance.

General conditions of contest available here.

Supplementary regulations available here.

Timetable available here.

◆ If you have any questions, please contact: